Graduate Application

Application Checklist:
  • Application
  • Letter of Intent
  • Recommendation Letters - Cover sheet is required for each letter. Check with program admissions requirements for quantity of letters
  • Resume
  • Unofficial copies of transcripts may be sent for the purpose of admission evaluation. However, upon matriculation official transcripts will be required within 30 days of the start of your program.
  • Copy of current teaching certificate, if required
  • Non-refundable $50 application fee in U.S. funds (Note: SUNY Potsdam students, faculty/staff and alumni are not required to pay the application fee. Select "pay later" at the end of the application)
  • International Students must consult admissions pages to determine if English language proficiency and U.S. Bachelor degree equivalency is required as part of the application. Visit to determine these requirements.

If you are intending to apply as a non-matriculated student, please visit to submit the non-matriculated graduate student application.

Please fill out the online application form below, choose your payment option, and then click "Apply Now." All other documents should be mailed to the Center for Graduate Studies using the following address:

SUNY Potsdam
c/o Center for Graduate Studies
44 Pierrepont Ave.
Satterlee Hall, Suite 238
Potsdam, NY 13676

If you have any questions about the application process or components of this application, please contact us at or by phone at 1-315-267-2165 (toll free: 1-800-458-1142, ext. 1)

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Degree Programs

Please select one program and the appropriate concentration(s). If you are applying to two programs, a second application and fee are required.

Master of Arts

Master of Music

Master of Science

Master of Science for Teachers

(available on the Potsdam campus or the Watertown extension site)

Master of Science in Education

(available on the Potsdam campus or the Watertown extension site)

(available on the Potsdam campus or the Watertown extension site)
(available on the Potsdam campus or the Watertown extension site)

Advanced Certificate

Inclusive and Special Education (program begins in summer only)
Enrollment Plans

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Note: Financial Aid for full-time students is based upon a minimum of 12 credits per semester, however academic full-time is 9 credit hours.


Watertown (SUNY Jefferson Extended Learning Center)

Note: Selecting the location above does not exclude students from taking courses at the other location.

For Watertown:

  • Master of Science for Teachers, Childhood Education
  • Master of Science in Education, Curriculum & Instruction
  • Master of Science in Education, Information & Communication Technology: Organizational Leadership
  • Master of Science in Education, Literacy Educator
  • Master of Science in Education, Literacy Specialist

Professional/Educational History

List all college(s)/university(ies) attended even if a degree was not earned. Please list schools attended beginning with the most recent.

College / University Start Date End Date Major Degree

Please contact the Center for Graduate Studies if you need to submit additional information on institutions attended.

Current Employer

Name of School, Business of Agency Position Held

Certification - If your certification has not been issued yet, please enter "pending" instead of an effective date.

Certification Type Certification Number Area(s) State Effective Date
Teacher Certification 1
Teacher Certification 2
Other Information

Even if you have never attended college, a response is required (required of all applicants).

A felony in New York State law is defined as a crime for which more than one year in prison may be imposed. The felony question applies if you have been convicted as an adult. If you have been adjudicated as having juvenile delinquent or youthful offender status, you are required to respond to the felony question below by indicating a response of no.

Suspension is defined as a sanction imposed for disiclinary reasons that results in a student leaving school for a fixed time period, less than permanently. Dismissal from a college for disciplinary reasons is defined as a permanent seperation from an institution of higher education based on the basis of conduct or behavior.

An affirmative response to either question will not automatically prevent admission, but you will be asked by your college choices to provide additional information. This information will be reviewed by a campus committee to ensure campus safety. Any falsification or omission of data may result in a denial of admission or dismissal.

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All applicants must submit a $50 application fee unless you are included in on of the following categories: SUNY Potsdam alumni, current students and US military personnel and their families.

If you qualify for a waiver, please click the "Exempt" button below and indicate your affiliation with the above category before hitting the submit button. To pay the application fee, you may do so below, or send a check or money order to the Center for Graduate Studies made payable to SUNY Potsdam. Please include "grad app fee" in the memo. If paying online, be sure to hit "submit" after processing your online payment.

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Read the refund policy.